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Re: [at-l] Flying With A Pack

I have:

1) Shipped the pack UPS. Costly but efficient. No worry about the pack.

2) Bought the "lamp" sized box at U-Haul and put my pack inside it and
put the box through airline baggage. Pack arrived safe. No worry about
the pack. Box was dented and ripped. I was, however, able to keep the
box at my brother's for the return trip.

3) Shrink-wrapped with plastic and put through airline baggage. Some
worry about the pack. Arrived well and safe. Very effective. But alas,
no shrink wrap opportunity on the return trip.

4) With no shrink wrap nor box, i tightened and tucked in all the straps
as best i could. LOTS of worry about the pack. Arrived well and safe,
nonetheless. (Sidebar, if you're going to be injured and unable to carry
the pack yourself, remember that someone...a loved one or baggage
porter...will have to lift that stinky smelly pack for you. Embarassment
factor...moderate to high depending on who picked it up.)

Second Chance

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