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[at-l] Garvey Shelter this weekend

Just reminder of an ALDHA work trip at the Garvey Shelter this weekend.  Btw 
you do not have to be an ALDHA member to join in. Bring gloves, food, water, 
tents etc if your staying overnight.  No experience necessary with something 
for everyone to do.

Directions to the Garvey Shelter from Frederick, MD/Rte 270:
* Rte 70 West for only 1/4-mile
* Rte 340 West 15 miles.
* Rte 67 North and make first right onto Weverton Road.
* Continue on Weverton Road 150 yards and you'll see the big AT parking lot 
on the right.  Meet here at 9am Saturday & Sunday.  We then carpool to the 
worksite.  If you miss the carpool to the worksite. You can hike North on 
the AT about 2 miles and you will see a dirt access road off on the right 
(east) side.  Follow road a short distance to the worksite.

Also please check the Gathering weekend ALDHA work trips planned for next 
weekend. Work trips for those attending and unable attend the Gathering. 

See you this weekend,

Beau Bushor N1MJD
  "Bleeder Guy"
ALDHA Assistant Coordinator

*** I am presently traveling. Please send email to this email address: 
n1mjd@hotmail.com or phone 802-238-8886.

A message from Frank Turk - PATC Garvey Shelter Coordinator

>From: FrankTurk@aol.com
>To: n1mjd@hotmail.com
>Subject: Re: This weekend
>Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 13:41:25 EDT
>Hello Beau,
>Great, Jim Skinner will lead the worktrip saturday and I'll be there on
>Sunday. Yes, you can camp on site.  I suggest bringing any water needed.  
>will drive his truck to the worksite so that won't be a problem.
>Jim will meet people at the Weverton parking lot which is near where the AT
>goes under 340.  Directions from 340 - go north on 67 and make first right
>onto Weverton Rd.  Drive about 150 yards and you'll see the big parking lot
>on right side.
>Things have been good and the shelter is progressing nicely.  Look forward 
>seeing you soon!

Beau Bushor N1MJD
  "Bleeder Guy"

*** I am presently traveling. Please send email to this email address: 
n1mjd@hotmail.com or phone 802-238-8886.

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