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Re: [at-l] Can we talk about socks?

This sock thing reminds me of the first time I went to the Experimental
Aircraft Association Fly-In in Oshkosh. I met a bunch of nice guys, and one was
trying to be very helpful--he knew it was my first time there--but he really
had it in his head that I was female. (Clearly, that meant to him that I was
along for the ride and needed to be entertained--as opposed to wanting to be
there.) In any case, as he was proposing group activities for the next day, it
went something like this: Guys check out the aircraft on the flight line and
see the air show, SHE goes to the LADIES' craft tent where, at 10:00, they are
making sock puppets (BYO sock)!!!! Ha! Almost sent him there as penance.

Fortunately, I will not be at the Gathering, but perhaps a sock puppet workshop
could be added at this late date. Ha!

Give Me Chocolate, returning to Oz for a long, LONG weekend...

Linda Benschop wrote:

> I really prefer the Ultimax.  I always used the Hikers before, but these
> seem to stay dryer.  But I guess it is like boots...depends on your feet!
> But with the Ultimax you don't need liners either.  I got some at Traildays
> and hope they are selling them at the Gathering. Will the same vendors be
> there??
> I also have lots of single and divorced socks.  Maybe we could introduce
> mine to yours someday..LOL?  I keep saving them and thinking that maybe
> someday they will get back together.
> Lin (Hummingbird)
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