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[at-l] Long Trail

Mr Sloe Toe did proclaim:

### Yeah, serious bummer you're not going to be there to swap tales...
but tell us, did the LT do a serious booty-whapping on you? Ain't that
serious, seriously pretty little hikie?

The LT is indeed a serious little hikie. The AT portion of the LT is just
a warm up for the much more rugged northern section. Sure is purty, too. 
Someday I would love to start at the Quebec/VT border in early September
and work my way down to the MA/VT line.  Take a month do it in, and do
some leaf peeping.

The LT was my first long distance hike, and one I will always remember
fondly. Good way to see what New England has to offer in way of hiking:
steep climbs, ponds, above tree line views, small towns, isolated areas.

Well, enough of my LT cheerleading. :D


LT '97&'99
AT GA-ME '98
Typing at a keyboard in 2000
Off to Italy in 2001
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