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[at-l] 3 weeks ago Today

Three weeks ago today I sat down at the end of a foot bridge on the last switch back descending to the Nantahala River at the conclusion of my HATT hike.

I really didn't want to stop. I wanted to keep on hiking up Cheoah to points beyond. I wanted to walk to Katahdin.

Earlier that day I'd wondered if I had enough untreated water to finish my HATT hike. I had plenty left. As I watched the busy kyakers in the sunshine from the shady southern side of the Nantahala Gorge, I guzzled the last of my water.

I've been waiting to get sick from drinking untreated water on this trip. To date I have not experienced any ill effects.

I have used before untreated water from Appalachian Trail sources in Georgia and North Carolina. Three times I have experienced in the following week the consequences of a bug new to my memory, each experience less severe than the last. I assume I have successfully innoculated myself against whatever 24 to 48 hour bug may exist in those water sources which my immune cells had theretofore not experienced. 

Giardia has enjoyed its three week incubation period without any effort on my part to prevent its appearance. No sign of it ... yet.
David Addleton
vocate atque nonvocate deus aderit

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