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Re: [at-l] (wal)Mass & V(ery sweet) T(ea)

Tom Williams wrote:

> The right answer is "Bob."
> Bob, aka Maynard Krebbs/Gilligan, married a WV woman a decade
> or three ago, and now resides in (or near) Princeton WV.

Now, is that Maynard "G." Krebbs? Or, just Maynard Krebbs? Maynard Krebbs was the
warden at the Chocktaw Minimum Security Facility that I visisted for 4 months in the

> John sang a song which told us all about "Blue Ridge
> Mountains" and the "Shenandoah River" which actually
> refers to terrain in some other state to the east. See
> <http://www.grouptravels.com/usa_can/va/shenan.htm>.

Somewhere, at somethyme, John said "West Virginia, mountain momma..." (Or, was that
a shameless plug for Mt. Moma's at the fringe of the Smokys?) John also should have
said "Check the fuel. I'll get the bags."  (sorry)

Felix J. McGillicuddy
ME-->GA '98
"Your Move"

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