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Re: [at-l] (wal)Mass & V(ery sweet) T(ea)

Since it weren't answered (and since I am finally caught up
on 2+ weeks of non-checking on this list):

> > Naw - that's West Virginia, ask Bob Denver. (almost = nearly = samething ;))
> Gilligan? Why would Gilligan know anything about West Virginia???

> Bob?
> John.
> Bob was the little buddy from the first survivor show.

The right answer is "Bob."

Bob, aka Maynard Krebbs/Gilligan, married a WV woman a decade
or three ago, and now resides in (or near) Princeton WV.

John sang a song which told us all about "Blue Ridge 
Mountains" and the "Shenandoah River" which actually 
refers to terrain in some other state to the east. See

		-Tom Williams
		 Director of Computing Services
		 Alderson-Broaddus College
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