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Re: [at-l] Ticks on TV

In a message dated 9/24/00 10:40:03 AM, orangebug74@yahoo.com writes:

<< watch a program concluding on The Discovery Channel regarding "Ticks:
The Real Vampires" or some such title. It sounded disgusting. Did
anyone watch it?  >>

I gound it the same way.  I was watching Olympics and surfing the cable.  
Caught a few minutes of ticks.  They were visiting a village in Europe where 
16 percent of the residents tested positive for lyme disease.  They suffered 
from wide variety of symptoms including rashes, inflamation of joints, 
physical depression, etc.  After treatment with antibiotics only 1 percent 
tested positive.  One interesting point for me was that the disease can 
remain dormant for years.  Another was the suggestion that Lyme Disease 
catches the bodies imune system off guard because it begins as a very mild - 
almost inperceptible - infection. (According to the doctor doing an extensive 
study of the disease.

    That is what I got out of the program before I returned to the Olympics.

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