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Re: [at-l] Sheltermouse begins!

Congrats, Hopeful! Great day for you!

What's wrong with Laurel brook as a trail name?

- Gary from Fairfax

hopefl@juno.com wrote:

> Sunshine.........our daughter.........gave birth to Sheltermouse this
> evening. I was immediately told that Laurel Brooke would not be called
> Sheltermouse so I'd have to find a new trail name for our granddaughter.
> Mercy, having babies sure has changed since our kids came. I mean, they
> still get born the same way but the hospitals stuff has changed. Two
> things really surprised me. One, they let any of the family hang around
> and that includes little kids. The other thing is they hook the mom-to-be
> up to some sort of engine analyzer that prints out trail elevation
> profiles!! My wife told me it wasn't a trail profile, that it was a
> compression graph. Maybe she said contraction, I don't recall, but little
> Laurel Brooke got here all the same. Mom and baby are fine, Dad was back
> to breathing normal. Grandpa Hopeful is in a huff because Grandma wont
> let me call our Granddaughter "Sheltermouse."
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