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[at-l] RE: Guest Seam Sealing

I didn't see if you got a response. 

I think the answer is C: Both inside and outside. The idea of seam
sealing is to patch the needle holes in the fabric from the thread
joining the sections. You want to get the seam sealer into the middle
of those holes, hence you obessively paint and brush the stuff from
both sides of the tent. This can be a bit difficult with high quality
tents that to a fair job of seam sealing and bind the joint in fabric. 

With silnylon, you can do a very good job simply with silicon caulk.
Few other things will stick to it. Run a bead along the joint and push
it in with your finger, just like you do on you shower caulking. The
left over goo can be spread on the floor of the tent to help reduce the
slip-sliding of your mat and sleeping bag. 

Ain't it fun the ways we get to play with our gear!?


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