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Re: [at-l] Sleeping bag fetish?

CWells4638@aol.com wrote:
> Is owning too many sleeping bags considered grounds for divorce? 

Prolly but in my experience, it doesn't often happen.  Or at least 
that's what I'm hoping. I intend to press the point soon though.

Before the PA Ruck, I will have a decent winter bag. I may
even forgo the van to join the snow sleepers this year and
want a 0 degree to keep me warm.  Of course, if things don't
work out that way, I can always pile on the three bags I 
already own instead <g>.

Look around the house Pete, and discovery her secret fetish.
There must be something that drives her to excess.  Discover
it and buy her one ...first.  Or if you can't afford to support
both her and your obsession, hold her's over her head.  ;*)

I would follow my own advice on that part except Mike's 
obsession is ammo <G>.
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