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Re: [at-l] Mr Clean aka Jamie Waines in hospital - Lyme disease

This is the correct way to look at it. By assuring the doc has this
important bit of social history (hobbies and avocations with risk for
disease exposure), you give the doc additional chance of including tick
borne illnesses among the differential diagnosis. The doc is still
likely to rule out more common conditions or more lethal options first.
But this _may_ help reduce the time between presentation of your
illness and accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. With most of
these infections, clinical impressions and treatment is vital as
confirmatory lab data may take weeks to get reported.

Docs are a lot like the rest of humans, when they lose something, it
always seems to be found in the last place they look.


--- David Hicks <daveh@usit.net> wrote:
> I recently had a conversation with a Lyme Disease sufferer who
> advises all
> hikers folk to make a point of telling the Doctor that you are a
> hiker, where you hiked in the last few weeks, etc.
> To use OB's analogy, that might make him or her think about
> considering zebras in addition to horses.

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