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Re: [at-l] Sleeping bag fetish?

--- CWells4638@aol.com wrote:
> Is owning too many sleeping bags considered grounds for divorce?
### Frankly, See-Pete, I wouldn't even DATE a woman who didn't own at least
TWO sleeping bags of different use. By God, I've learned my lesson on THAT
little score.

> So the question - how does one explain to a non camping spouse that you
> just had to have this piece of gear.  She already thinks I'm insane... 
### Dis one'e easy: Way back when, my Mommy rebuked me for spending a
hundred plus 1975 dollars on big-ass mountain boots. <Cue piercing Long
Island whine> "I just REALLYYY don't understand WHYYY you just HADDDD to
spend SOOOoooo much money on SHOES. HIKING boots, for God's sake -- not
even dress shoes. What on EARTH could THEY do that would make them SOOOOoo
much money????" Her implication, of course, was that it was an entirely
frivolous purchase from which I would NEVERRRRR see benefit. I tried to
explain what it was like, on a trail, wearing a pack, tenderizing your
feet. All my explanatory efforts fell on deaf ears. That was in October.

In April of the following year, as New England Spring is springing, the
leaves are leafing, the air is filled with the song of birds doing... well,
you know, doing what birds DO in the springtime... Mumsy and Dad are
looking for some property on which to put a little cabin action. "Tommy!"
they sez, "Come with us and show us what you know of the mountains and
hills in Middle Connecticutness." "Sure!" I grins.

We end up on the Mattabessett Trail on a cliff overlooking <remembering
now...> Durham, Connecticut. The 'rents had to walk all of 100 yards from
the car to reach the trail and cliff; they walked an additional 50 yards
due north, and returned to the car. "You hiked THIS?" Mumsy puffed,
incredulous, rubbing the soles of her feet. Yes, ma'am, I affirmed. "Ohhhh,
Tommmyyyy," she starts in, "I can SEEEeeeee why you have those boots of
yours. Oh my Goodness, those ROCKS out there are so HARD!" ... 
This kept up all the way home....
I never had another equipment purchase questioned....

Winter's coming, SnailMale. (And sooner for you than for me!) Put wifie in
the warmest bag you gots, on the coldest night it hits, and she'll be on
your side (figuratively AND literally) by morning. Problem solved.


Oh, and those boots I got? Took 'em out for over 3,000 miles, including a
throughhike, before some rat stole them from summer storage in college.

Ask for what you want;
  Create what you need;
 Go with what you have.

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