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1-800-WeSweat was Re: [at-l] gookinade

--- Ken Bennett <bennettk@wfu.edu> wrote:> 
> they introduced me to a terrific product called Gookinade.
> It has more in it than Gatorade and actually tastes good!

### I write in the interests of completeness of information, and in the
interests of supporting the Andre Preneur efforts of another lister.

Gatorade is dextrose and sucrose with sodium and potassium salts.
Gookinade is glucose with potassium (*and maybe bioavailable sodium) and
some fructose (eeek!).

A consideration with these two is that the carbos are simple sugars; this
exposes you to the boom/BUST of sugar buzz. In some situations, speed of
infusion is of primary concern, but for most hikers, you'll subject
yourself to the sugar bust, too.

INFO AND ... (um, what do you call it?) "SALES"
CONQUEST! mix derives its carbo calories from maltodextrin, a complex carbo
which provides the body with a much smoother infusion of quick-use energy
-- it AVOIDS the sugar boom/bust of GatorinGookinade. This makes it ideal
for use in activities that last well into dehydration times (like all day
hiking). CONQUEST! also contains ideal ratios of sodium and potassium

CONQUEST! is brought to you by the good folks at 1-800-WeSweat. These are
our very own Gary and Millie Buffington (BearBag und Sveet Pea), who're
currently poised to summit Katahdin on October 7 (as we Gather in WV) with
His Ultra-ness David Horton. Along with completing this throughhike, Gary
(an ER doc) was also involved in ultramarathons (as competitor AND AS Race
Director) for a number of years. He developed CONQUEST! for extended
physical activities where stress puts an unrelieved whack on your system.

Yes. First, understand that I also use way-cheap concoctions such as
KoolAid and Morton's "Lite" Salt ("Lite", supposedly, because it contains
the "impurity" of potassium chloride amongst all that wild sodium stuff),
old Gatorade on sale from BigLots (a store which threatens to take "The
Hiker's Friend" moniker away from Little Debbie, IMO), new Gatorade from
Sam's Club, and CONQUEST!. I use these in order shown, depending on the
importance (stress) of the run. Easier runs demand a some bit of blood
sugar bathing the muscles to speed leg recovery for next time. Hell,
sometimes a piece of bread will do just fine. Harder runs combine that
muscle recovery need with a need to replace electrolytes lost with sweat.
If I'm doing something massive, timewise or speedwise, I reach for the

I don't notice the simple sugar "crash" from the other two per se, what I
DO notice is that with CONQUEST!, I am left MUCH more energized AFTER the
run, even though it might have been harder or longer. That's a HUGE
difference, and a huge selling point, for me. (So in reality, I notice not
the sugar crash, but the LACK of it, with CONQUEST!.)

(And it also means that I'm not drawn to McDonalds afterwards, asking
lustily for extra salt on my fries like that alien on the old Star Trek.
"McCoy! No! McCoy!")

Y'all have just a hydrated day, OK?

Ask for what you want;
  Create what you need;
 Go with what you have.

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