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[at-l] Pic requests....gulp...TN-NC

What's the deal with this section??  Or is this just
a portent of things to come .....uh oh.....

Starts off okay.....then the pic pikins get slim...
then almost non existant.  Did everyone 'hate' the
Smokies?  did everyone's camera die ?  <g>

Can't find...

Albert Mountain Firetower
Big Spring Shelter
Rock Gap Shelter

Franklin, NC

Wesser Bald Shelter
Rufus Morgan Shelter
Sassafras Gap Shelter
Brown Fork Shelter
Fontana Village Resort
Russell Field Shelter
Peck's Corner Shelter
Tri Corner Knob Shelter
Davenport Gap Shelter
Groundhog Creek Shelter
Walnut Mountain Shelter
Hot Springs Campground
Spring Mountain Shelter
Little Laurel Shelter
Blackstack Cliffs
Jerry Cabin Shelter
Big Flat
High Rock
Bald Mountain Shelter
No Business Knob Shelter

Erwin TN

Clyde Smith Shelter
Roan High Knob Shelter
Moreland Gap Shelter
White Rocks Fire Tower
Watauga Lake Shelter
Watauga Dam
Vandeventer Shelter
Iron Mountain Shelter
Double Springs Shelter
Abingdon Gap Shelter

Ok folks.....even if they are hard copy pics, 
e-me!  I promise to return them after scanning
plus e-you a copy for your ownself <g>. 
Get that? I'm offering free scanning here.
I'll even include a scan of Tom's tattoo as a bonus.

And any pics of those legendary days in the Smokies
when you can see forever....somebody had to have gotten
lucky <g>.
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