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Re: [at-l] Gatherlist, Gookinaid

--- kahley7 <kahley7@ptd.net> wrote:
> > > Feelix may love you but it's no secret that for me, the attraction
> > > has always been your pole design <g>.
> > 
> > ### k, keep in mind that some people view "liteweight" as just another
> term for "flimsy construction."
> Hmmmm...I dunno about that Tommykins...A lot of women on this
> list have raved about Kurt's performance.  They say he__has__
> held up..nite after nite.....in fact month after month!

### So, ah, what you're saying is... treat that nomad nice, and his
equipment will hold up mile after mile....
Ok. Ok. I see it now. I'm ok with that.
(Tents, and tent poles. Touchy subject. Sheesh!)

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