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Re: [at-l] The Gathering registration

Linda Benschop wrote:
> We are trying to decide if we should bring our tent or just stay in our
> converted van.  It would be easier, with all the music equipment, to just
> stay in the van and not bring the tenting stuff.  But I don't want to miss
> the "fellowship".

I slept in my van....unconverted and found I didn't miss the 
fellowship cause I don't sleep much!  The Center is not that 
big a place that the walk from the parking lot to the candlefire 
is a big deal.  In fact, last year the tenting area became the 
parking lot which got a little dicey.  I think they will be a bit 
more seperate this year which is probably a good thing.

Don't forget a flashlight and TP.  There were several Job Johnnys
there but they lacked both lights and wipes.

The is no food service at the campground so bring trail type 
breakfast.  Ditto a stove if ya use coffee in the AM or Cocoa 
in the PM.  Luches/dinner is available at the college from
the cafeteria or canteen.  Personally, if I can go, I'll
skip the collage food except for the listers lunch, cause
of the lines at the cafeteria and because I'm cheap <g>.

The campground isn't really a campground but more of a picnic grove
with a common room and kitchen.  It's extremely gracious of those
folks to put us up for the weekend, but it's a good 15-20 mins
to town....not a drive ya wanna do more than ya have to, so bring
snacks.  I hope someone who's goin early will set up a folding
table at the banner/candlefire site where we can put stuff to share 
like fruit or cookies or brownies.  I think there is a soda machine,
but I may be wrong and it may get empty so bring whatcha drink.
there is water.

Oh by the way....don't forget a candle for the candlefire...best
conversations happen there, not at the bonfire <g>.
> Then again, during Traildays, a drunk (non-hiker from town who crashed our
> party) fell over and knocked our tent down twice!  I wouldn't have minded if
> it had been one of "us" but truly resented an outsider doing such a thing!

Anytime a drunk crashes your tent you should be pissed...hiker or no.....
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