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[at-l] Paramo Mountain Shirt

I think I am really going to like this shirt.

I purchased a smoke colored Paramo Mountain Shirt from Mountain Man 
Although the smoke color wasn't my first choice I am happy with it. It is 
quite a bit lighter gray than the color sample you see in the Paramo 

I put the Mountain Shirt, fleece side in, on for a quick stroll down to 
Washtenaw Dairy to get some doughnuts. It was 05:45 ,the temperature was 
around 43F, and there was virtually no wind. I was wearing a silkweight 
capilene t-shirt underneat the Mountain Shirt, my normal town pants, 
shoes and socks rounded out what I was wearing. I suppose the walk is 
about 10 minutes one way. At the beginning of the walk I was a bit cool, 
but I warmed up as I moved. Even at the end of the round-trip walk I was 
a little cool, but it wasn't anything that would bother me. I did notice 
a little breeze creeping through the gaps at the wrist, another popper 
there to help snug the material in place would be a nice thing to have I 
think, but it wasn't a big deal. Considering that this was a stroll down 
streets, hardly hard work, I am convinced that when doing more strenuous 
work the shirt would be very comfortable down into the mid-upper 30s.

If I join JohnO, Ron, and others on the AT section hike I intend to take 
this shirt along. I'd probably round out my clothing with the following:

 o  silkweight Capilene t-shirt
 o  mid-weight Coolmax longsleeve shirt (for sleeping and if very chilly)
 o  long john bottoms (if it gets really cold though I doubt that'd 
 o  my usual REI convertible pants
 o  my usual socks
 o  extra warm, probably far too warm but it's all I've got, balaclava
 o  pairy of light fleece glvoes
 o  Stephenson poncho (though maybe I'll substitute Frogg Toggs top; 

  ** Ken **

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