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Re: [at-l] Re: PA Rock Huggers hike - PenMar north - Sept 23-24

Perhaps we could just postpone the hike until next weekend........to be
honest, I have been a bit under the weather all week too.  Sound doable for


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> regarding hike plans:
> PA Rock Huggers hike - PenMar north - Sept 23-24 (Sat-Sun)
> ####We had been very anxious to meet and hike this weekend, but its with
> much regret that we must cancel out on this one. FurTrappers Lyme is
> kickin his butt right now, and he's not bouncing back as quickly as we
> had hoped. He is totally unable to b'pack right now. Sooooo....
> we hope the ones going have a wonderful weekend, and please send a trip
> report our way.
> Landslides & FurTrappers

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