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Re: [at-l] Mr Clean aka Jamie Waines in hospital - Lyme disease

In a message dated 9/20/00 11:31:16 AM, FLATers@webtv.net writes:

<< Why I'm I not surprised??żż?? This is the same disease that we

fought with doctor after doctor for a few years now. Funny how they keep

saying the same thing, I can almost quote them word for word...." Lyme

Disease is a very isolated disease, almost rare. >>

I've almost sure that I've been carrying Lyme Desease for over 5 years.  I 
went to the hospital in NH five years ago with heavy congestion.  Doctor at 
first thought I had congestive heart failure.  I suggested Lyme desease but 
was ignored.  Saw my doctor in Ct we we returned in September.  No signs of 
Lyme, but I have had increasing bouts with joint pain ever since.  Finally 
diagnosed with Lyme last Friday after swollen knee agrevated by my insistenc 
on hiking in Whites and swollen jaw (could not even eat).  After a few days 
of treatment the swelling is down in all areas.  Feel better than I've felt 
in a long time.

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