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[at-l] HATT website...

You may (or may not) have been wondering why progress on the HATT website
has stalled for the past week.  Well, I have been slaving away on it, but
behind the scenes.  Seems that I did not want to get too far into it until I
came up with a format that I was happy with.  And, the dictionary (term
definitions) format needed to be worked out without being too distracting
when reading the journals.  The definitions needed to be there for the
uneducated<g>, but had to be transparent for those that do not need them...

All of this is totally unimportant to most of you, but to an overly anal
person like me, functionality and presentation are paramount.  The resulting
dictionary is taking shape nicely, and will grow as more trip reports are
added to the website.  The dictionary would work nice in any Appalachian
Trail application that needs definitions (Kahley, take note).  So, anyone
that would like an AT dictionary of their own, please borrow (steal) or link
to the HATT dictionary.  Borrowing it now will result in an anemic document,
since it will be growing...

http://friends.backcountry.net/hatt/ and click on the HATT2000 link, then
scroll down to the charts (check out the available merchandise on the way
down<g>), and click on a trip report.  You will then see how to use the


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