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Re: [at-l] datto

<<what the heck is he still in the area for i thought he would be long gone
by now??????>>

He's too busy socializing and taking naps!  Actually I just talked to
him... he has hiked to Gorham (he did the Wildcat/Carter Ridge during the
bad weather on Washington) so he's almost in Maine.  I think it's only 16.5
miles to the border and he's in the home stretch :-)  I told him we'd all
miss him at the Gathering and maybe I'd auction off his "genuine
thruhiker-sweat-filled ball cap" that he forgot in my car last time I saw
him.  I ought to be able to fund another thruhike with the proceeds from
that right?  Yeah.

Now he just needs some females to meet him along the Trail in Maine...
after all, he has his reputation to maintain... oh yeah, I'm not supposed
to tell you about that.  But his fellow thruhikers told me... well, they've
been amazed at the number of "people" who've met him along the way.  I
think he's their hero.  Oh yeah, the Trail rumor-mill is alive and kicking

GA>ME '98

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