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Re: [at-l] Highest and Mountains and Passes in VA

--- woodelf@juno.com wrote:
> The AT did cross the summit of Mt. Rogers till sometime in the 80s I
> believe. There are still traces of the old trail on "south" side of the
> mountain. It was abandoned due to erosion and the trees that have
> overgrown it are now almost impenetrable.
> woodelf

### I'm 75% sure the summit was a side trail in 1979. The trail (gully) was
still pretty bad on a visit in 1986; the trail was moved onto Grayson
Highlands sometime between 1979-86 (for reference' sake), before that, it
followed the Rogers' ridge straight north, and dropped down to Old Orchard
shelter 3-6 miles sooner. Doing the bulk of the Grayson Highlands ridge was
DEFINITELY a move in the right direction -- if not all such moves are...
 Oh, and sometime recently (since '97?), they nuked the gully from
Buzzards' Rock up to the summit of Whitetop -- this WAS a bad move, as
they've turned what was a cool climb into something terribly close to a

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