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Re: [at-l] Datto on Mt. Washington

Been meaning to send this Datto report...  He and a bunch of other hikers 
got iced off Mt. Washington this past weekend.  Most either walked down 
(Tucks or Lion's Head) or got a ride down from the summit.  The Autoroad was 
closed at one point this weekend - possibly for the whole day on Sunday.

Datto was planning on doing Pinkham to Gorham on Sunday and Monday and 
heading back up Washington today.  I wonder if that's him right now on the 
summit - a lone guy - facing the camera rather than the great views from the 

Still lots of thruhikers in Gorham - mostly headed north but a few 
southbounders (flipfloppers, mostly) still.  Chomp '99, Joyous Tears '99, 
and Rockdancer '97 were also in town this past weekend.

Stitches, GAME99

P.S.  Just checked again and he's not there anymore...

>From: monadnockdee@juno.com
>To: at-l@backcountry.net
>Subject: [at-l] Datto on Mt. Washington
>Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 09:31:15 -0400
>keep an eye on the camera between 9:30 and 10:00 this morning so you can
>wave back to him =)

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