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Re: [at-l] Who is Gathering?

Landslides and FurTrappers have hands raised high. This event has won
over the following:
Our 9 year old daughters' soccer tournament, Our 14 year old daughters'
first Homecoming dance, Our 11 year old daughters' Confirmation retreat,
and my 20 year high school Class Reunion. BUT we think most of the kid
shuffling arrangements are just about complete. We are very excited
about "FLATers First Annual Gathering". (In case anyone was
wondering...just 'cause these things make ya want to know......."FLATers
= FurTrappers and Landslides Appalacian Trail 'ers")

Also, it looks like we may be shuttling Nina Baxley (Waterfall) off the
trail for a respite with good people at The Gathering.

So.......Thats probably 3 hands up for us!

Is someone keeping a running list of the "hand check"?

Landslides & FurTrappers


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