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[at-l] Speaking of altitude.......

>Boulder, CO for a few weeks in October and November. So, here's the

Cool, moving to the "People's Republic of Boulder". I live less than 15
minutes away myself....great hiking all within an hours drive!

>question: is there a way to prepare for altitude other than spending
>at the higher altitude? And yes, I'm more interest in the chance to hike
>than in the job.

I think being in overall good cardiovascular shape is the key to
adjusting. Two stories, purely anecdotal, that may shed some light on why
I feel this way. 

Terry Norton (hiya Terry!) took me on a hike within two weeks of  me
moving here last year. We did Flap Top mtn and Hallets' peak (which is at
12700' I believe).  Beautiful hike, beautiful day. The altitude only got
to me around 11500'. I did not get sick, just had to slow down..but I
still did the mountain at a very good pace.
Last summer, I did the Long Trail again, so I was in pretty good shape.
Keep in mind, I am originally from Rhode Island and probably lived at
300' !!! ;-)

Later that month, my youngest brother flew in to pay me a visit. He is in
excellent shape from not only the weight lifting he does, but the
constant running he does as well. (He also looks like a GQ model...but
that is another story! :D)  Later that week he wanted to see Rocky Mtn
National Park, so I too him on the same hike I had done two weeks
earlier.   He did pretty well for someone who flew into Denver earlier
that week...

SOOOOOO, I think if your in good aerobic shape, the altitude might not be
as much as problem as you think. Spend a week or so at 5000' feet in
Boulder, and you might want to climb some of 7000'-8000' foothills just
outside of Boulder before tackling  a larger peak..

The true harvest of my life is intangible... a little star-dust caught, a
 segment of the rainbow which I have clutched.
-- -Thoreau
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