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[at-l] 13 Day AT Hike

Sure appreciate both of your information.  We'll probably be storing car
here for our hike.
John O

At 03:45 PM 9/15/00 -0700, you wrote:
>Tom has an excellent idea, although I am not sure when the park closes
>for winter. They were open the weekend of daylight savings change in
>98, but I doubt they stay open much past the first frost. The folks
>around that area do seem to command a certain amount of respect, and to
>let you know who they consider to be "boss."
>--- John O <johno@mail.monmouth.com> wrote:
>> t.
>> Thanks for the additional information.
>> John O
>> At 11:13 AM 9/15/00 -0500, Tom Fort wrote:
>> >the Standing Indian campground has excellent *watched* parking.  I
>> >think they charge a dollar a day. It's worth it to me. 
>> >
>> >one thing tho.  When I stayed a couple nights in the campground, the
>> >host was on a serious power trip.  
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