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[at-l] So what IS the effect, so many years later? was Re: September 11, 1979

The post below crystalized my remembrance(s) of my "September 11, 1979"
throughhike anniversary. Yet, when I reread the post to respond (directly)
to the sender, I noticed that I hadn't really responded to the post itself.
I do so now.

They wrote:
When I checked my calendar this morning I noticed that Monday will be the
21st anniversary of your summit of Katahdin. Are congratulations in order?
I wonder if you, looking back, see the events of 21 years ago in 
picture-perfect detail or if it is the feeling of accomplishment that you
remember? Or maybe that isn't the right word. I would think it would be 
almost a bittersweet victory. A hard journey that is suddenly ended and 
throwing you back into the life you knew before; changed, but still 
encountering the same obstacles that were present 6 months before. And
did it prepare you for entry into the "adult" world? hmmmm, questions you
probably still can't answer.

And I respond:
Looking back, what I think the effect was/has been is that it exposed me to
the personal knowledge of what I am capable of, and of the more "external"
knowledge that "most of what we know as discomfort is in fact a fleeting

If the root of confidence is self knowledge, and if the root of discretion
is a knowledge of circumstance, then a throughhike provided *me* with ...
healthy tools for good times and bad in the years which followed.

Have just an introspective day, ok?

Ask for what you want;
  Create what you need;
 Go with what you have.

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