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Re: [at-l] Eat Your Heart Out

Well, I made it back.  Do you guys think a tent can be jinxed?  I have done a 
lot of research and decided on a Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight.  Some of you 
may recall me telling about the day I got it.  I set it up in the yard and we 
got 9 inches of rain.  The next day I left it out and a tornado took it forty 
feet in the air and three houses down the road.  The neighbors black lab 
loved it.  Well, last Friday I went to Cumberland Island for a four day stay. 
 The first day the weather was supposed to be in the lower 80's.  It was 94 
when we left the dock.  It rained after we set up camp so it cooled down.  
Saturday was great.  Camped on a bluff four feet from the edge of the 
intercoastal waterway. Just enough breeze to keep bugs away.  At 6:00 AM the 
Forrest Ranger came and woke us up and said they were evacuating the Island 
and we had to leave.  Just as we got packed up it started to rain.  And I 
mean Rain.  The Forrest ranger said he couldn't give us a ride unless it was 
an emergency.  I would like to know what an emergency is??  They are 
evacuating the island because of a Hurricane/tropical storm, it is 10.7 miles 
to the dock, it is raining so hard you can hardly see, and my pop tarts got 
wet.  The storm, miles, and rain I can handle but WET pop tarts.  We made it 
the storm blew away and it was generally a good time.    I am beginning to 
wonder about that tent

Clyde 2001
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