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Re: [at-l] water situation in georgia...

That was my experience on HATT, also. East of Neel's I found only 1 of
the 3 water sources with water. The small spring on the trail East of
Leveland Mt. was a bare puddle with slow but steady flow. The 2 blue
blazed sources further east were absolutely dry - even the creek and
even during the rain. Water was good at Whitley Gap Shelter (and closer
than the quoted 0.3 miles) and Hogpen Gap. The situation was much the
same on to Unicoi Gap, although I did not check any of the blue blazed
water sources except Chatahoochee Gap - with a slow spring (Whitley Gap
had a better flow). Blue Mt.'s water was a very slow puddle just off
the trail.

I think Cricket had better water near Bird Gap (South of Slaughter).
I'd ask here opinion.

It is very dry out there. This little Hurricane is not going to help
us. Expect fires this Fall. If we don't get substantial rain and snow
this winter, I dread the woes for the thru hikers of '01. Think Rain!


--- richard mann <hike-usa@email.msn.com> wrote:
> This came in from another list (NO, NOT THAT ONE!!!), and I thought
> someone
> here may have an interest...
> > Did a short section on the AT in GA yesterday. All of the springs
> around
> Blood Mountain, Neel's Gap, Slaughter Gap, Jarrad Gap, Bird Gap, all
> dry as
> a bone. The only flowing water was in the lower portion of Slaughter
> Creek
> near Lake Winfield-Scott!

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