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Re: [at-l] Knee Pain

I can get with the jaw pain as a symptom of arthritis/arthralgia. I
suspect hikers would ignore knee and ankle pain, and attend to a jaw
symptom differently than the usual humanoid. 

But the noise is interesting. Is this audible to others or just you
(Furtrappers)? Is it audible to others when you open you position your
mouth to magnify the sound (like using a Jew's Harp)? Did the doc hear
it to convince him that you had a problem? I could imagine feeling
crepitence over the TMJ as the jaw move, but a sound would be


--- FLATers@webtv.net wrote:
> Trailmixup wrote;
> I wonder if this is a *new* twist in the disease? 
> Not sure if it's a new twist or not, but my jaw sounds like two
> grinding
> wheels being rubbed together! Feels like it too! But it is fun to
> freak
> out people around you with!! I've also found it really drives
> Landslides
> crazy, not that she needs any help in that department!!!

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