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[at-l] Datto on Mt Washington

Hi all,

Just got a call from Datto on Mt. Washington... he said he's in the middle
of a blizzard and about 50 MPH winds.  That was at about 10:50.  He said in
about 5 mins he was going out into Camera View, but since it only takes a
picture every 15 minutes he's not sure we'll be able to see him.  If so,
he's wearing black pants and a green jacket.  So if you're quick and his
timings good we just might get to see him wave.  If not, well he's freezing
his butt off up there :-)

GA>ME '98

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I need to state that kahley did write back to say that she was NOT
omitting winter pictures.  Just that snow shots was mainly all she
currently had, and, was making a request to correct this.

my bad.


DaRedhead@aol.com wrote:
> << Tom Fort wrote:
>  > However, I think you are making a mistake not including snow shots.
>  > Winter is just as much part of the beauty of the mtns as the warmer
>  > months.  some of us might think it's better. >>
> Amen. http://friends.backcountry.net/redhead/mtrogers/mtrogers.html
> Arguably one of the best 'packing trips I've ever had.  And the only one in
> snow.  I'm looking forward to a lot of hiking this winter.
> The Redhead
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