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[at-l] Nice thoughts

I was glancing thru some newly acquired, old issues of Ideals books. The
school librarian was "cleaning house" in the periodicals closet, and
stacked bunches of magazines on a "please take and keep" table. I
remember looking at the pictures when I lived at home, as each issue
showed the BEST pics! So I grabbed up all the Autumn issues there. I
have always considered Autumn to be the BEST season God created for us. 

N-E-Way..........This poem jumped out of the book and said "write me on
the list"! Well, not wanting to upset "Ideals", I place this on the
list. Enjoy!

MOUNTAINTOP by Mary E. Linton

Oh, I shall go remembering blue mist
And how the smoke curls in the valley there,
And some far day I will again keep tryst
With mountain solitude and pine-filled air.

I know, whatever all the years may bring,
Whatever changes there may be in me,
These peaks will be the same, and I shall sing,
Knowing a certain wild stability.

And when I stand again, my feet in snow,
My head in drifting clouds swept like a gale,
With summer just a breathless glimpse below,
And Life still pointing to some higher trail,
I shall remember that this climb was good
And bless each mountaintop where I have 

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