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Re: [at-l] (wal)Mass & V(ery sweet) T(ea)

At 11:57 PM 9/14/00 -0400, KLandau364@aol.com wrote:

>Come on, all you fellow New England natives, let's tell 'em why we're a 
>better place to visit...even if we don't have BBQ, NASCAR, and John Rocker.

Don't know about John Rocker, but we have BBQ in my backyard (Babyback ribs
with dry rub...) and NASCAR up at NHIS (Loudon, NH).  Not enough broiling
hot weather though: didn't break 90 in Boston area in either July or
August.  (Did in May.)

On top of that, we have expensive housing and a daily commute that must be
rivaling Atlanta by now.  Thank god I don't live in a cornfield!
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