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Re: [at-l] Smokies Pic request....

AT-O is an AT list I started recently.
It's the Appalachian Trail list for Old people... :)


In a message dated 09/15/2000 11:52:17 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
tjfort@netdoor.com writes:

<< What is AT-O?  
 I think it's a cool idea to have a photo tour of the AT on-line. 
 should be a great project.  should take up LOTS of disk space. (but
 since when is that a concern anymore?)  
 However, I think you are making a mistake not including snow shots. 
 Winter is just as much part of the beauty of the mtns as the warmer
 months.  some of us might think it's better.  just ask Felix about his
 winter memories from his late yr southbound.
 kahley7 wrote:
 > Seriously, AT-O will have a picture tour of the AT and we are
 > trying to find shots of all the shelters, balds, gaps capsites
 > yadayadayada. What ever you have that you can identify, I'll
 > be super glad to get!!!
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