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Re: [at-l] 13 Day AT Hike

Thanks again for your input.
John O

At 08:49 AM 9/15/00 -0400, W F Thorneloe wrote:
>There is a good parking area that I suspect is safer further down the road 
>past the Standing Indian Campgrounds and State Park. The backcountry 
>parking is free, and frequently watched by the locals. I'd check that 
>rather than Rock Gap, and certainly better than Winding Stair Gap. RSC is a 
>good choice, but they charged me the same $11 per day that a hiker sleeps
>At 12:50 AM 9/15/2000 -0400, richard mann wrote:
>>*** Hopefully you didn't mean that you are leaving your car in Franklin.
>>That would require you to hitch to where your car is.  Leave your car at
>>Winding Stair Gap, or at the Rainbow Springs Campground, or at Rock Gap.  If
>>you leave a car at Rock Gap (or Rainbow Springs), then you can reduce your
>>mileages for the last four days.  Forget the 12 mile days, and enjoy the
>>Standing Indian Wilderness




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