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Re: [at-l] (wal)Mass & V(ery sweet) T(ea)

previously posted:

Mt. Monadnock...'nuf said!

##WOW! Finally I understand! I was, for no reason at all, constantly
trying to figure out what "monadnockdee" means! I was thinking...
Mona-da-nock-knee......so NOW I am satisfied.

I have NO idea why I feel a "need to know" what peoples e-mail addy
stands for. Which brings us to trail names..... now theres a
mystery....always trying to figure how someone might have arrived at the
names they use as trail alias's. 

So I said to myself...."Self, why not see if listers, and lurkers, would
be willing to share the theory behind their trail name" Well, Self
thought it a pretty good idea, and quite timely with The Gathering just
around the bend. Besides, its not about Lyrics or Little
Debbies.......or.......maybe it could be...

Heres ours........Landslides is Me......it IS......umm.....Lyrical
(imagine that)....... it stands for my favorite Fleetwood Mac song,
"Landslide", The tune is beautiful, and lyrics are very trail and life
related. Even if you arent fond of FM, this is a good one!

 FurTrappers......well he always liked the "Jeramiah Johnson", mountain
man lifestyle and look (smell? naaaaaa). His e-mail page had a really
cool pic of one too. Anyway, thats all it means, so for those animal
protection people, rest assured that the only fur he traps (i think) is
mice (hate those @#$%^&* critters). So with the critter population in
the shelters along the way, it kinda fits, don't ya think?

So.....whos next? Do share with us please.

Landslides & FurTrappers


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