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[at-l] Mass. & Vermont

Choo Choo wrote:

> I'm planning a section hike to cover the AT in Mass. & Vermont from Sept
thru Oct. 7.  I'm planning to resupply in North Adams / Williamstown, MA and
Clarendon, VT.  Are these good resupply points?  Are there others that might
be better?  Any towns to avoid?

Then, within moments - in cosmic time:

> I am bewildered by this campfire. There is no end to the chatty and
cutesy messages relative to song lyrics and "little debbies" and yet
absolutely no reply to an actual question about the AT.

Dear Bewildered -

There is a little humor and lots of sarcasm involved in this chatty cutesy
post.  And, you can read it to the beat of "Louie Louie".  Plus, if you read
this post backwards, it is a message from Satan.  Delete now if you have no

Quite a few of us get this list in digest form, which comes to us once a
day, after 5pm Eastern.  And, if we decide to take a day away from this
list - which I did yesterday - then it may take two full days for a
response.  Since us digesters are the smart ones, then you must wait until
we see your question.  Plus, your hike is over ten days away, so maybe
lighten up a tad.  Besides, if you want a list that is
on-topic-all-of-the-time, there is another place to go...

Your question does not have enough info for a studied response.  Are you
going northbound, or are you going to do it backwards, as a stinking
southbounder?  The answer to this will dictate whether you resupply in North
Adams or Cheshire.  You don't want to haul a fresh resupply over that damn
mountain in between, despite what my buddy Cosmo-the-hike-leader says...

Actually, the bigger question - the read-between-the-lines question - is:
237 MILES IN 15 DAYS???  Are you nuts?  That is almost 16 miles a day!  You
aint gonna get it done without lifelong injuries!!!  Unless of course, you
wear a cape and can leap tall buildings...

Anyway, did you notice how many people responded to John O's section hike
post so quickly?  That is because he presented us with a his best guess
schedule, something we could sink our fangs into.  If he had asked "I'm
hiking 13 days in Georgia, where should I resupply?", he probably would have
gotten the same non-response you did.  So, please look over your plans with
a more critical eye, then come on back and tell us your "best guess"
schedule, and I'm sure that we'll be happy to give you some of our on-topic

Now, let's see, what were the lyrics of that song by "David Berg and the
Lower East Side"?  Let me eat my Little Debbies and think about it.  Hmmm -
"Up against the wall..." something or other...

Pittsia Off-topic-ovia

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