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Re: [at-l] Pepper spray

>I'm not sure a 12 gauge shotgun, even loaded with 00 buckshot, would
>stop a charging bear.

Slugs would work. And you'd have to be very careful with your aim -- quite
a lot to ask when a bear is charging you!!


Old-timer sees a young fella headed into the backcountry with a .44 magnum
pistol strapped to his waist. Upon asking, he finds out that the youngster
expects to defend himself against bears with it.

'Better file the front sight off that shootin' iron, sonny,' he told the lad.

'Why is that?' said the young man. 'So I don't aim too low when they charge?'

'No,' said the old-timer. 'So it don't hurt as much when the bear takes
that pistol away from you and shoves it up your a**.'


As for the pepper spray, the kind that works against bears is pretty
clearly labeled. It's a huge can, almost the size of a can of Raid, and
comes with a belt holster. It is not easily confused with the 10-percent
pepper spray in little tiny cans sold in supermarkets to ward off muggers.



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