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Re: [at-l] Mass & Vermont

In a message dated 09/14/2000 10:23:49 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
thornel@attglobal.net writes:

<< Not all of us  have been to Yankeeland  >>

And why would you want to? According to Slowbus, NB thru hiker with whom 
Cobweb and I had the pleasure of meeting this past weekend while sharing the 
shelter at Garfield Tentsite, "there's NO Walmarts, NO sweet tea, and just 
forget about BBQ".

Resupply in North Clarendon?  Are you mailing yourself a package?  If Oasis 
Sports is closed they leave the packages with the very small and poorly 
stocked General Store located on the same premises.  Hope you like Slim Jims. 
 The Whistle Stop diner is along the way, serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, 
plus Ice Cream. Pittsburg loves the place ;-).

South to North:
North Adams: Rte 2, everything ya need, near the trail, no hitch
Bennington:  Rte 9,everything ya need
Stratton Mtn: gondola ride into Stratton Resort for food
Manchester: Rte 11/30, everything ya need, easy hitch
Danby:  USFS Rd #10, not much, don't do it, hard hitch
Wallingford: Rte 140, everything ya need, laundromat is closed for renovations
North Clarendon: Rte 103, diner, Oasis Sports and General Store
Killington Peak: .25 mile side trail to summit for food at summit station and 
Killington: Rte 4, Inn at the Long Trail or go to Rutland to the west has 
everything or Killington to the East, PO, groceries lodging (easier access to 
the PO and store via the Rte 100 crossing).
West Hartford: Rte 14, general store and deli right on the trail


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