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Re: [at-l] Mass & Vermont

Tom Hodge wrote:
> I am bewildered by this campfire.  There is no end to the chatty and cutesy
> messages relative to song lyrics and "little debbies" and yet absolutely no
> reply to an actual question about the AT.

Well I guess we are an odd lot.  But may I make a suggestion?
You might have waited at least a day before deciding that
no one intended to answer your question.

Not everyone can manage to even read the posts everyday 
let alone take the time to respond.  Eighteen hours is not
much of a turn around time.  Now you may see some questions
get a quick answer because it's either a simple question
or else someone recognizes the questioner as a friend and
goes out of their way to answer quickly.  That's not to say
a stranger's question won't get answered, but probably not
within 24 hrs.  

We are not an info machine (although we are working on building
one <g>). Just folks hanging out yakking...
mostly, but not exclusively, about the trail.  Sorry if you
didn't feel the warmth.  Maybe you should scootch up a little closer
to the fire.  It can get cold out there in lurkerland! Have a smashmellow and
see if you might still get an answer.   k.
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