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Re: [at-l] Mass & Vermont

previously posted:

I am bewildered by this campfire. There is no end to the chatty and
cutesy messages relative to song lyrics and "little debbies" and yet
absolutely no reply to an actual question about the AT.

##Well, alrighty then.........I'm bewildered by your bewilderment. We
are happy campers here. We would get pretty stale if we had no humor. I
hope those who lack that important sense can someday locate it. Sad for
ya if ya don't. Now........where did I put that Little Debbie
"smashmallow" pie...I must eat it while listening to Fleetwood Mac
singing my fav. song..........Landslide. Oh the sweet tastes and sounds
in life!

Landslides & FurTrappers


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