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Re: [at-l] Pepper spray

Probably the bear wouldn't even consider the small cannister adequate
pepper for a salad to go. 

Our black bears are more likely to be interested in our unprotected
backpacks or food bags. A black bear attacking a human is rare,
although it did occur this spring in the GSMNP. If a bear became
interested in you as a potential meal, the pepper spray would be a
waste of effort while you should be taking efforts to discourage the
bear or to leave the area. 

Heck, that little cannister might not deter a bad guy in Buckhead, much
less a hungry and determined bear. At least it probably weighs less
than bear bells.


--- betty sue allen <bettysue@mcintyres.com> wrote:
> I just bought a small cannister of pepper spray (10 % pepper).  Would
> this be effective to use on black bears, or would it just make them
> mad?  ...

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