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[at-l] Long live the AT-L !!

"Thomas Willcox" <bakwudz@rcn.com> wrote:
>I'm planning on going.......and we could make it a bit longer, or whatever.
>The Tumbling Run Shelter area is really nice--just north of Old Forge Rd.
>Or keep it short and hit Deer Lick.  Doesn't matter to me, I just need to
>get out for a couple days.  What is the general concensus?
  This example above  is one of things I love about the AT-L you actually talk about HIKING!  I just recently switched back over from the PCT-L  because I was so sick of the pitifully lame arguments for weeks between such insignificant topics such as "Titanium pots vs Aluminum" or who can make an Alcohal burner out of anything and who's is lightest, hoter, and faster.  I mean gear is important but it's really boring if its the only thing being discussed obsessively for months.  I'm more obsessed with actually hiking then what I'm carrying.

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