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Re: [at-l] Re: PA Rock Huggers hike - PenMar north - Sept 23-24

I guess I'll see you at the state park campground sometime friday night,
Grey Owl.  By the way, I will be carrying a filter and a stove.


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From: Robert Dudley <grey_owl1@juno.com>

> I can be at Caledonia Friday evening (late).  I would suggest starting at
> Penmar around 11:00 am.  That way we can get potable water before we
> reach the shelter.  I do not plan to carry a filter nor a stove.  We need
> to know if anyone is bringing a stove or a water filter.  We cam think of
> this as group equipment if necessary.  Finally, who is going to be the
> responsible adult now that Pittsburgh has bowed out?
> Grey Owl

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