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Re: [at-l] HATThats and HATTfleece available...

At 04:59 PM 9/12/00 -0400, W F Thorneloe wrote:
>They are 200 weight,at least in comparison to TNF jacket of similar 
>construction. It is a very comfortable jacket although I'd wish it had pit 
>zips. If I could figure out how to do it, I just might modify them for a 
>killer fleece.
>At 03:23 PM 9/12/2000, richard mann wrote:
>>The fleece jackets are 200 weight (I am not a person that is all that
>>familiar with fleece weights, but I have been able to compare these jackets
>>to 100 weight jackets, and these are heavier - they could actually be 300

I found a local seamtress to perform those tasks.  Something to think
about.  I agree with you it's a real nice fleece jacket.
John O




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