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[at-l] Re: PA Rock Huggers hike - PenMar north - Sept 23-24

I plan on going, hiking Saturday and Sunday.  Also, I can be at Caledonia
Friday evening.  As for the parking restrictions, I think you just have to
check in with the rangers to get a dash pass at Caledonia.  The Pen Mar end,
from what I understand, has limited parking.  I believe the best parking
there is at the county park.  11am sounds like a good start time--but
earlier is ok with me also.  By the way, my vehicle seats 5 (including
myself), and can hold gear for 5+.


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Sent: Tuesday, September 12, 2000 2:51 PM
Subject: PA Rock Huggers hike - PenMar north - Sept 23-24

> PA Rock Huggers hike - PenMar north - Sept 23-24 (Sat-Sun)
> You can hike both days, staying at a shelter, or hike one of the days.
> Plus, Jonneywalks (halflifelost6@hotmail.com) has asked if there is anyone
> who wishes to continue into Monday and beyond?
> Question #1 - Who is going to hike?  And what day(s) are you going to
> Question #2 - Would someone please determine the parking
> restrictions/regulations at PenMar and Caledonia?
> Question #3 - Who can drive to Caledonia on Friday night or early Saturday
> morning?
> Question #4 - Is 11am a good time to schedule the start of the hike from
> PenMar?

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