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[at-l] HATThats and HATTfleece available...

For those of you comtemplating the purchase of a hiking hat or a hiking
fleece jacket:

There are HATThats and HATTfleece jackets that are for general purchase at
very reasonable prices.  That's right, you can own a genuine piece of
HATT2000 memorabilia.  These items can be viewed at

The hats have a mesh upper that allows your head to breath.  Added bonus for
you bald(ing) folks - you will get a nifty crosshatch sunburn!!!

The fleece jackets are 200 weight (I am not a person that is all that
familiar with fleece weights, but I have been able to compare these jackets
to 100 weight jackets, and these are heavier - they could actually be 300
weight?).  They have two pockets and a full zipper all of the way to the
chinny-chin-chin.  The wrists and waist have full elastic, which are the
only parts that do not dry quickly.  The jackets are of ample size (in other
words, if you normally wear Large clothing, then order an Large fleece - do
not go up a size).  I have used my HATTfleece jacket in cold rainy Vermont
weather - the type of weather that just chills you to the bone - and it has
kept me toasty warm.  I used the HATThat at the same time in the same
weather, and it survived the drenching with nary a problem.  Both the hats
and fleece are top quality...

The prices and the address to send your check are on the website.  Shipping
costs are included in the price.  You can send the check, then email me with
your request, and I will happily send the merchandise along pronto.
Remember to give me your address (this seems to be something that everyone
forgets to do)...


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