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[at-l] PA Rock Huggers hike - PenMar north - Sept 23-24

PA Rock Huggers hike - PenMar north - Sept 23-24 (Sat-Sun)

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You can hike both days, staying at a shelter, or hike one of the days.
Plus, Jonneywalks (halflifelost6@hotmail.com) has asked if there is anyone
who wishes to continue into Monday and beyond?

Question #1 - Who is going to hike?  And what day(s) are you going to hike?

I (Pittsburgh) am not going to be able to go on this hike, but I'll be happy
to help arrange it.  Cars should be left at PenMar and Caledonia SP.  We
need at least two cars to go to Caledonia, so that one can be left, and one
can then be driven to PenMar.  The car at Caledonia will then be used to get
people back to PenMar after the hike.  More than one car at Caledonia would
be great...

Question #2 - Would someone please determine the parking
restrictions/regulations at PenMar and Caledonia?

Question #3 - Who can drive to Caledonia on Friday night or early Saturday

Then everyone else can meet and leave their cars at PenMar.

Question #4 - Is 11am a good time to schedule the start of the hike from

The logical place to overnight on the trail (Saturday) will be Tumbling Run
Shelters, an 8.5 mile hike.  There are also shelters prior to this.  Deer
Lick Shelters - 4.9 miles - and Antietam Shelter - 7.3 miles (Antietam
shelter is next to Old Forge Park, and has good water and privies).  People
can stay at these shelters also.  If there are more than 10 people on the
hike, then it will be important that the group split up into these different
shelters (ATC rules).  Plus, do not kill yourself trying to stay up with the
lead group.  Hike-your-own-hike, and make it enjoyable.  If the group splits
up into different shelters, be sure to make vehicle arrangements (in other
words, people hiking all of the way to Caledonia can then drive back to
previous road crossing and pick up the stragglers)...

Below is the full list of PA Rock Huggers - anyone others wish to get on the


Gear Head - HikeAT@aol.com
Pittsburgh - hike-usa@email.msn.com
Landslides - Landslides2@webtv.net
FurTrapper - FurTrappers@webtv.net
Grey Owl - grey_owl1@juno.com
John Geisler - jgeisler@bellatlantic.net
Gary Roberts - GRoberts@npr.org
Tom Janofsky - tomjanofsky@yahoo.com
Janel Clement - janel@kismia.com
John O - johno@monmouth.com
Frank Hofstaedter - fhofstaedter@fcg.com
Mother Natures Son & Angel Eyes - shoffman@redrose.net
The Mayor & Hollywood - mayor98@email.com
Jonneywalks - halflifelost6@hotmail.com
Bakwudz - bakwudz@rcn.com

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