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Re: [at-l] PA Rock Huggers...

I'm planning on going.......and we could make it a bit longer, or whatever.
The Tumbling Run Shelter area is really nice--just north of Old Forge Rd.
Or keep it short and hit Deer Lick.  Doesn't matter to me, I just need to
get out for a couple days.  What is the general concensus?


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> Pitts wrote;
> September 23-24 - PenMar north to ? (at least Old Forge) 8.0 miles
> Well, we haven't seen any other replies to this yet, so whats up?? Is
> anyone going other then us?? Are we leaving Sat. morning?? Planning on 2
> easy days huggin rocks?? Maybe staying at Deer Lick Shelter to lick our
> wounds?? Bigger plans?? More miles?? Who's in charge of this motley grew
> of Rock Huggers!
> trippin and tumblin,
> FurTrappers & Landslides

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